A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Programming / Implementation: Austin Merritt
Artwork: Miranda Karetny
Level Design / UI: James Kavanagh
Sound Effects: Isabel Bryant
Music: Eric O'Hare
Professor: Josh Fishburn

"Vixen" Was conceived by James Kavanagh, Miranda Karetny, and Austin Merritt for their semester-long Games II project at The College of New Jersey. The premise of the game is to play as a quadruped protagonist who inherits elemental abilities in order to interact with the environment in unique ways, solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. What you're playing now is a demo version of the concept, with a complete level featuring the elemental power of water. Thank you for playing, and enjoy the game!


Vixen Demo Mac 55 MB
Vixen Demo Windows 32-bit 52 MB
Vixen Demo Windows 64-bit 54 MB

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